Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kantoo 1.7

 Back to the main lot now where Ester teaches Billy Wayne how to study. 

A quick glance at Bradly's bug collection.  He's doing very well with his mission.

Brady and Brandy move home.  Avery changes careers and goes into business.  Ester goes into education.  Brady goes into show business.

Brandy finally finds a job in the art field.  That's where her lifetime want lies.

It's Burgundy's birthday.  Bradly takes time out to help celebrate.

Isn't she cute.  Three of our alien children all have the same mother.  Or father depending on how you look at it.

Hugh is still cloud gazing.  Bradly is still bug collecting.

Avery sells his life story.  It's kind of cool when the book goes into the bookcase and anyone can read it.  It will be even cooler when I have several in there.  One from every heir.

Stumbled across Burgundy's stats if you're interested. 

Ester finishes up her sheet.

I compete my first set of elixir bottles.  I will be putting a statue behind the enclosure for every set I complete.  Just to keep up you know.  I don't know how long I'll bother though.  I've realized how much overflow I have in some areas and I really don't need these points.

Since it looks like Brady may be around for a while, he gets a makeover.  Huba huba. 

Ester gets a small reward.


Bryony becomes an attractive teen.

She quickly heads off to college.  No special projects for her.

More promotions.

 So we dance.  This family really is dance crazy.  That's all they would do if you let them.  Since I'm doing danger zone I have to beware of this.  If they start dancing in the zone I can't stop them.  I hate it when that happens.

Burgundy grows into a lovely child.  She got a raw deal being the last child who is really unneeded. 

And finally Bradly became a teen.  Not sure where he picture went.  Oh well.  More soon.

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