Thursday, December 31, 2015

1.3 Imagi

The Family:

Urial Imagi - Vitka Imagi's oldest son - G1 - 27 days til elder - Romance / Family - Rock God
Tori Kody Imagi - former townie - G1 - 29 days til elder - Romance / Fortune - 20 woohoos
Fiona Imagi - 13 days til adult - Popularity / Grilled Cheese - Media Magnet

After selling the statues given to them by Urial's mother before she booted them out to make room for her plant babies, the family built the above starter home.  Now they are broke.  Both adults have jobs, but nothing that will fulfill a lifetime want.

Tori walks to work in hopes for getting a promotion and much needed cash.  Urial has a day off so he meets a few folks walking by.  He is then offered a date, something he just couldn't resist.

Urial:  Well hello gorgeous.  Come to rob me of my heart?

Urial:  You can have it you know.  If you want it.

What is wrong with you people?  This is getting old fast.

Urial:  Don't take this wrong Darren but we can't be seen together right now.  My family can never know.

Darren Hiatt:  You sure know how to break a guys heart.

Urial:  Freeze nephew.  Back away from my daughter.  We don't play that way dude.  No way, no how.

Darren:  Urial is amazing.

Vitka:  But of course.  He is my son.

Urial:  Isn't this great.  Mother will be thrilled.

(It's the licking of the fingers that gets to you.)

Bad food or risky woohoo?  I really don't know.  Darn silent pregnancy hack.

Just another night in 2016 Prosperity.

Fiona:  I'm going for lots of scholarships.

Tori:  No.  You couldn't pay me to do the pregnancy thing twice.  Vitka, I'm serious.  You can not pay me for more grandchildren.

Tori:  You need to talk to your mom.  She's planning more pregnancies for us.  We didn't even plan this one.

Urial:  I'll talk to her.  Not that it will matter.  Mother knows her mind and usually gets what she wants.

Tori:  Well roll over and give me what I want while I can't get another baby from it.

Urial:  Darling could we hurry this along.  Mother is wants to know if I have an heir yet.

Tori:  You want to die, don't you Urial?

Urial:  A son.  I have a son.  Mother will be so pleased.  Oh, and she dropped by a list of acceptable names.

Tori:  I'm naming him Kody.  I don't care what your mother wants.

Red:  What is wrong with you?  Do I look like I date children?

Fiona:  But I thought you liked me.  And I won't be a child forever.

Red:  Well until you are at least a young adult, don't try jumping in my arms again.

Fiona:  Like I'd ever try anything with you again.

Urial:  My son.  You are going to be such the ladies man someday.

I'm guessing food poisoning.  

Urial:  No.  The ladies in my life are inside studying.  I'd rather stand out here in the rain.

Tori:  I knew it.  The aliens already have my baby boy in their sights.

Vitka:  Happy birthday my grandson.

Kody Imagi - G2 - Taurus - 4-6-4-8-4
No elf ears :(

Urial:  Some day, I will be your Rock God Mayor.  And I'll rock it.

Urial:  So I was thinking, maybe we should have another one.  Baby I mean.  I can't help it.  I want another one.

Tori:  You want another one or your mother wants another one.

Urial:  The two don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Urial:  Goodbye Fiona.  Call us.

Urial:  My baby just left for college.

Tori:  I don't want another baby right now.

Urial:  Okay.  I can't wait a year or two.  We'll just practice until then.

Tori:  We'll practice, and I'll think about the rest.

Urial:  Deal.

Fiona has moved into the dorm with Gordon Blaze.

Urial does want another child.  His family half is riding him hard right now I guess.

Still no sign of a music career.  He's doing well as a politician.

Tori is making friends but no actively working on her lifetime want.