Sunday, December 27, 2015

1.1A Imagi

Vitka Imagi - Family / Popularity - Marry off 6 kids - Aries - 5-10-5-0-5

Urial Imagi (son of Vitka) - Romance / Family - Rock God - Aquarius - 4-6-4-4-7

Fiona Imagi (daughter of Urial) - Popularity / Grilled Cheese - Media Magnet - Libra - 2-9-4-4-6

Caise Imagi (son of Vitka) - Family / Fortune - Education Minister - Gemini - 5-7-8-0-5

Baron Imagi (son of Caise) - Fortune / Pleasure - Hall of Famer - Scorpio - 6-6-8-0-5

Merry Imagi ( daughter of Caise) - Sagittarius - 4-4-8-8-1

<and we begin>

Urial is put on digging duty.  We don't even have enough money for all the beds.  Someone over built.

Fiona and Baron begin a quick game (and hope the adults ignore them).  Caise starts teaching Merry how to talk.

(I took this time to make some townies.  I added a custom university, downtown & shopping district before we began.  I then went into the folder and deleted all the character files.  I added the vacation destinations after because my game doesn't like regenerating vacation npcs correctly for some reason.  I've added adult & teen townies only.  I think I have enough but if not I'll just add more later.)

Vitka purchases a small community lot with the family's remaining funds.

Vitka:  Time to make the family some nutritious soup, as only Grammy can.

I'm loving this family already.

Caise:  I'll go see...

Urial:  No no.  You tend to the kiddo.  I got this.

Urial:  Neighbor lady.  You be looking good.

Anna Blaze:  Yes.  I know.

Baron:  I'm going to be the first teen from 2016 Prosperity to go to college.

Fiona:  You don't know...


Fiona:  Whatever.

Caise:  That's my girl.  Learning her skills the old fashioned way.

I love you Imagi family.  I LOVE YOU!

Tori Kody:  Back away dearie.  I've seen him.  He shall be my groom.

Tori:  I always get my way.

Caise:  Mom, I taught Merry to walk while you napped.  Could you watch her while I get some sleep?

Vikta:  I've got plans son.  Big plans.

Vitka:  Time to get my garden growing.

Vitka:  You have my permission to marry my son.

Tori:  I need no one's permission.

Vitka:  Now now.  Don't get to full of yourself.  I can easily find him someone else.

Tori:  You will NOT interfere.  I shall make him mine but in my own time.

Vitka:  Grow my darlings.  Grow.

Vitka:  Run.  Run from my lot you hot dog killers.

Vitka:  Die you little buggies.  DIE!

Vitka:  What do you know.  It worked.

Vitka:  Not my best crops but it did what I needed it to.

Vitka:  Off with you.  Go find somewhere else to cheat at cards.

(Vitka cashed in all the CASH business rewards before closing down her business.  It took approximately a week of living on the community lot for her to become a plantsim and harvest all surviving tomatoes.  She earned a gold badge in gardening and the nature hobby plaque.)

You are very smart young Merry.  Grammy has now made you even smarter.

Caise:  My mother says I must find a bride.  Interested?

Mail lady:  No. Very definitely no.

Caise:  All the women in this town are just gross.

Tiger Jacket:  What?

Casie:  I'm sure you're all lovely deep down.

Caise:  Dearest gypsy.  My mother wants me to marry and just made a ton of cash.  Could you find me my true love.  I'm in desperate need.

Gypsy:  For the right price I can do almost anything.

Caise:  Thank you so very much.  

Gypsy:  No.  Thank you.

Emmy Hourvitz:  So you asked a gypsy for me?

Caise:  For my dream girl, yes.  And here you are.

Caise:  I know this if fast but I just can't let you get away.  Emmy, will you marry me?

Emmy:  Yes Caise.  I will.

Emmy:  Grim is going to be angry that he wasn't at the ceremony.  He is my god father you know.

Caise:  Really?

Caise:  No, my kids mother died in prison.  I can't say I miss her.  And because she died, I can now have my Emmy.

Emmy:  I wonder if Grim set this up for us.  He does love me so.

Emmy Hourvitz Imagi - Knowledge / Popularity - Mad Scientist - Pisces - 0-3-5-3-7

Vitka:  Such a smart baby girl.  Now you're all trained.  I won't feel so bad about making your daddy find somewhere else to live.

Emmy takes a job in law enforcement.  Nothing is science is available.

The teens are taught to study.

Urial takes Baron and Fiona with him when he goes with Tori downtown.

Urial:  I'm glad you called but I'm unsure why you felt we need so much company.

Tori:  Witnesses.

Urial:  Witnesses?  To what?

Urial:  Since I've finally lost the fear, you wanta get hitched?

Tori:  Is there really a ring in there?  I can't be sure.  

Tori:  Yes of course I'll marry you.  That was my plan all along.

Urial:  Have you been talking to my mother?

Tori:  Perhaps.

Tori:  I always knew you were the one for me.

Tori already has a job.

Tori Kody Imagi - Romance / Fortune - Woohoo 20 sims - Taurus - 5-5-3-8-4

(Both men married three bolt loves.)

Shouji:  You dare lock me out of the house when I came here to welcome you?  This does not make Shouji happy.

Urial:  What's this?

Vitka:  Consider it a wedding gift.  Just a little something to make your new home more complete.  

(15k in statues were given to both of Vitka's sons.)

The sister-in-laws both have the exact same job.  LOL!

Vitka:  Goodbye my Urial.  Take your new family down the road.  Visit often.

Urial:  Sure thing mom.  I doubt Tori is going to like this tough.

Vitka:  Goodbye my Caise.  Enjoy your new wife.  Have more babies.  Visit often.

Caise:  See ya mom.

Vitka:  Finally, stage two can commence.

I wasn't at all sure about doing a random roll online but now I'm glad I did.  I really like this family.  So glad I set things up the way I did now.

Although there was a lot of stuff done, most due to the Sim 2 community lot time stoppage, both sons moved out with their families just after midnight going into Wednesday morning.  I moved both families down the road into houses three and four.  Since they were only played two days, I'm going to add them to the end of round one.

Next up, the second half of house one where Vitka will be making four more kids to eventually marry off.  I guess it really is a good thing I only started with two families.


  1. I have yet to be able to make a plant sim, but I love the idea of being able to meet her LTW that way. This really is a very fun family.

  2. Wow 2 treasure chests! that's amazing luck.
    You accomplished so much, I've been lucky to keep my first family alive. (Although still one day to play so who knows they may all die). :D

  3. Woo woo this was a fun read. :) Lots accomplished!

  4. Wow, what a diverse family, even more so with the plant-sim transformation!
    Loving the alien mail-lady too