Sunday, December 27, 2015

0.0 The Beginning

Some people on the yahoo Sim 2 sites have come up with the idea to start a prosperity neighborhood with an end date.  So basically to see how far you can get by 3/15/2016.  Now I am queen of starting stuff but I rarely ever finish anything.  I thought I'd give this a go, although I admit upfront that it may not make it further than Christmas break.

I used a random generator to pic my families.  Otherwise this would have gone nowhere.  I tend to reroll into infinity.  I ignored the fitness level but kept everything else pretty much the same except for the eye color on family two.  I gave them light and dark violet eyes. starting families:

Family One is the Imagi family (I've been using my 32 sided alphabet dice again for maximum weird starting letters).  This family consists of a mother, her two adult sons, and their children.  I matched the children to their fathers based on their hair color.

The second family is the Blaze family.  This family is simply a single mother and her three sons.

I haven't played yet but I plan on getting started right now.  With a little luck, I'll have more posts soon.

Fair warning: I have not taken out my hacks (of which I have many).  I plan on playing in a way that won't allow me to have an unfair advantage so that I can keep up with points.  Should that prove impossible, I'll start taking hacks out.

Starting points:  10 (for my ten starting simmies)


  1. I'm already loving the Imagi family. I love the teen girls pointy ears. :)

    Good luck playing after Christmas break!!

  2. Can't wait to read more about The Imagi's and The Blaze's. I'm about to start creating mine, I'm also working on getting the hood set up, I've done half of it. :D

  3. Fun families. We'll see how far I get by March, with as little time as I have to play I might not make it far, but hopefully you can keep at it. These guys look fun.

  4. I am not getting far by March as I have so little time to play. But it is fun playing Prosperity anyway!

  5. Wow, you have more than double the points I do after 3 rounds from only your introduction!
    'tis a fine start.