Thursday, March 31, 2016


Just wanted to drop a quick note (from work no less) to apologize for the long absence.  I had every intention to keep things moving along with this attempt but it's all feel apart on me.

I have played the Blaze family (well over a month ago now) but I never managed to get it posted.  I purchased a new computer.  A new computer is a wonderful thing...unless you are going from windows 7 to windows 10 and you can't find anything and you get frustrated easily and you want to throw something.  I installed origins and downloaded the sims 2 & 4.  I got my excel loaded so my spreadsheets would work.  I can no longer sim without my spreadsheets.  I gave up on real paper notebooks ages ago as I always seemed to spill something on them or leave them in a spot the dogs could get at.  Apparently notebooks make good dog toys.  Who knew?  Since I have only a couple of mods/fixes on TS4 and hardly any custom content, I got the sims 4 transferred over quickly.  I had absolutely every intention of following that up by transferring over the sims 2.  But my sims 2 download folder is massive (compared to TS4) and so I put it off.  And put it off.  And put it off.  And here I am a month down the road and I still haven't put the files on a flash drive and moved them over.  It's not like it would take long if I'd just get off my duff and do it but I haven't.  And now I've heard horror stories about people having to fiddle with the settings to get TS2 to work (graphics wise) with windows 10 and it doesn't make me want to start it.  I kind of miss my simmies but I've been playing TS4 so I don't miss them so much that I've gotten the job done.

Anyway (yes I'm aware I'm rambling now, I tend to do that) I really do have every intention of getting this done, hopefully this weekend, and trying to get a post up for the Blaze family since I have already played them anyway.  Things are getting busy here at work, which is my excuse for everything this time of the year, but I am going to try to get this done.  For those who don't know, I am an accountant by trade at a farmers cooperative in the great state of Alabama.  It really does start to turn into a madhouse once spring arrives and it has arrived here in the south.  Folks are spreading fertilizer and planting seed and we are the ones who sell them all that.  My work life will be busy from now until September.  I used to love the spring/summer but that was before I took this job.

So anyway, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  I have also not kept up with everyone else's blogs (unless you email them in which case I have managed to read them on my phone).  Hope everyone else is having a lovely spring.  Happy simming everyone.  I hope you will see more of me soon.  (Huge apologies in advance if you don't.  I'm such a stinking procrastinator.)


Saturday, February 13, 2016

3.1 Imagi

We pick back up with house one.  Our family members are:

Cara Nanale Imagi - wife of Yarrow - former island girl - Generation 2 - 20 days til elder  - Knowledge / Romance - LTW Chief of Staff

Yarrow Imagi - spawned plantsim - Generation 2 - 21 days til elder - Knowledge / Popularity - LTW World Class Ballet Dancer

Tracy Royce - former island girl - spouse of Cherry - Generation 2 - 21 days til elder - Knowledge / Fortune - LTW Mad Scientist

Cherry Imagi Royce - spawned plantsim - Generation 2 - 21 days til elder - Family / Fortune - LTW Education Minister

Maro Imagi - child of Yarrow & Cara - Generation 3

Since we last visited this house, vampirism has sprung up downtown.  Yarrow was nibbled on.  Although he and most of his household have a passion for knowledge, no one feared Yarrow being cured.  The gypsy was quickly called and a boatload of cure was purchased.  Just in case.

Yarrow was cured.  He is back to being just a plantsim instead of a vampire plantsim which is an oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

Gypsy:  Yes, business is booming right now.  I should have thought of hiring that she devil to do this ages ago.  Could have retired by now.

Cara:  I know you know how to study.  But does it hurt to have a little help from mom every now and then?

Maro:  Not if we're inside.  Anyone could see me out here and they'll call me a baby.

Cara:  Then we'll call you uncle and tell him to yell at his little brats.

Tracy has been tasked with working on the fitness hobby because a) she hasn't maxed body yet and b) Yarrow doesn't like fit women.  

Tracy:  Well my woman likes fit least she doesn't hate them.

The family spruced up the homestead a bit.  Cherry called over the garden club and asked for admittance.

I hope they don't mind the black cat we bought at Merry's business.

Garden guy:  These plants are in remarkable shape.

Garden gal:  What did you expect?  I hear half of them are plantsims.

I didn't realize these counted towards my score.

Excellent news.  The neighborhood's first wishing well.

Maro:  I'm generation three.  I should be the focus of this blog.

Well if you did something beside angry piano playing, maybe you would be.

Cara:  I've done it.  I know it all.

Maybe not everything but she has maxed her skills.  Impossible want complete.

Yarrow:  That's right.  I was a vampire but now I'm not.  I LOVE the sun on my face so much.

Yarrow:  I've done it.  I've maxed my skills just like my Cara.

Tracy:  Fruit smoothies are both delicious and educational.

Cara:  I'll stick with my cheese tray, thanks.

Vitka:  Hi my grandson.  Miss me?

Vitka:  Boo Cara.  I see you.

Cara:  A ghost.  I knew they were real.

I finally realized we had earned the ballet bar.  Yarrow needs practice.  He has the book knowledge but no coordination.  None.

Cherry:  I am the GREATEST!!!

Caise:   What a drama queen.

Tracy:  I've done it.  I've maxed my skills too.

And just when you're trying to decide if Cherry should find a new job, this comes along.  Odds are Cherry will just keep this job as she's not knowledge and I'm sick of skilling.

Vampire's everywhere.

Cherry wrote three books and earned the Film & Literature plaque.

Yarrow:  Don't take my picture.  My ears are showing.

But you looks so cute.  Makes me want to cut your hair and style it tight and high.

Cara:  Well, I'm the mayor...but they still won't offer me a job in medicine.  I'm going to make their lives hell until they do.

Tracy:  I can smell the money from here.

On Sunday, Cara finally remembered we had a wishing well.  She wished for friends in high places.

Maro:  What should I wish for?

Maro Imagi - Generation 3 - Pleasure / Family - LTW Professional Party Guest
Maro:  Definitely NOT knowledge.

Yarrow celebrates by playing with the local stray.  They are now friends.  <evil cackle>

And just as we cross into Monday, Cara finally finds her dream job.  It took long enough to roll up.

And thus ends one uninspired week at house one.  Sorry.

I was trying to knock out the impossible wants for the knowledge sims.  Easy points those.  I'm also a bit under the weather so not an exciting round.

With my knowledge sims maxed, we now only have young Maro to skill.  He has basically maxed all but three skills, although creativity is his favorite by far.  He'll spend week four at home before heading to uni in week 5.

With the skilling done and two of our adults now permanently platinum, the adults are now being let off the leash a bit more to do as they will.  There was quite a lot of ACR loving over the last two days but no signs of any babies in our future. (which makes me both happy and sad)  I do have them working on hobby plaques to keep them out of trouble.  The house has earned five and is working on two or three more.  I hope to have the collection done this generation.  No plans to go for badges in this house but that could change.

Cherry won't find a second job. She lost us 37,000 on a bad chance card I didn't document.  Oh well.   The rest will likely get second jobs.  They've got the skills after all.

And....that's all I've got.

Thanks for reading and happy simming.