Wednesday, December 30, 2015

1.2 Blaze

Anna Blaze - Romance / Grilled Cheese - Celebrity Chef - Sagittarius - 3-4-10-4-4

Gordon Blaze - Fortune / Knowledge - Business Tycoon - Taurus - 5-5-5-6-4

Foley Blaze - Leo - 4-10-4-0-7

Irving Blaze - Capricorn - 8-3-3-6-5

As you can see, the Blaze family consists of a never married single mother and her three sons.  They are starting out life in this basic starter home with very limited funds remaining.

And Anna already has a bad reputation for fighting in the Imagi home.  

In the beginning, it's all about taking care of the twins.  Also, I have a stop sign right beside my mailbox that's driving me nuts.

Anna:  I can't believe that man beat me.  I want to see his ghost.  I really really do.

Gordon:  That's right.  Gordon is the best big brother ever.

Anna:  That's right.  Mommy is the greatest ever.

Anna:  What do you want Dead Man Walking?

Anna:  Mommy's little boys need to grow up so mommy can get a life.

Anna:  Thanks Gordon.  I think I'm ready to face the world now.

Gordon:  Good.  I'll go check on the twins.

Fauna:  Mother, what in the heavens are you doing messing around with a teenager?

Vitka:  I don't hear you.

Gordon:  I know I shouldn't love her but I just can't help myself.

Anna:  Education is important.  I want you to be able to attend college so you need to get a scholarship.  And then one day, you can come back home and take care of me.  I'm really looking forward to that day.

Gordon:  Come on Foley.  You can do this.

Foley:  NO! 

Kia:  What?  I'm trying to bury it for you.

Irving grew up after learning all his toddler skills.

Foley wasn't potty trained and never did finish learning to walk.  Neither child got any smart milk.

Anna:  Finally, some time for myself.

Gordon:  I did it mom.  And A+ for me.

Anna:  That's nice dear.

Foley:  I don't see why I have to do this.

Gordon:  Well it's simple.  If you don't make good grades you won't get a scholarship.  If you don't get a scholarship, you can't go to college.  If you can't go to college then you're stuck here with mom forever.  And if YOU are stuck here with mom forever, then I get to move away and make a wonderful life for myself while YOU get to stay here and take care of mom until she dies.

Foley:  I'll do my homework every day.  I swear it.

Anna:  My mood is dipping into the red.  So, how about a quick date here in my home?

Justin Graham:  Sure.  Why not.

Anna:  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Justin:  My pleasure.

Anna:  So you'll take the train to college?

Gordon:  You're not going to take me yourself?

Anna:  Why would I do that?

Anna:  I smell the opportunity for two promotions in one day.  Wait driver.  Take me back to work.

Anna:  I could swear I keep hearing someone chanting "please don't die" over and over again.

Anna:  Will someone please make the chanting stop.

Justin:  For you Anna.  You are the greatest.

Teen townie:  This was a very thoughtful gift but I'm not sure they should have unloaded it right by the front door.


Blondie:  I agree.  Grilled cheese is the best breakfast food ever.

Anna:  Again with the chanting?

Anna:  Yes.  That's right.  I have a broken tv, toilet and shower.  Also, could you send by a maid.  I just don't have time to clean.  I'm supporting my three kids.  No I don't have a husband.  That's why I'm trying to hire you.  Do you want the work or not?

Anna:  I think that's everything that needs to be handled.  I'm going to go lie down now.

Gordon:  Goodbye for now house.  I'll be back soon.  Cause if I don't come back, she'll just come find me.

Our pathetic custom university called.....2016 Prosperity University.  I had good intentions but it all fell apart as I hate to build.

Gordon Blaze is our first university student.  He moved into Dorm A (as opposed to Dorm B).  He will hopefully start our Greek house.

Well this family felt much more like a starting prosperity family.  No money.  To much to do.  Aspirations dipping into red.

Anna finally got her aspiration up with a date.  She never once rolled the want to woohoo anyone so she didn't.  Good for me since I haven't taken out the risky woohoo hacks.

Gordon was heading for a breakdown when he finally rolled up a doable want for a logic skill point.  He continued to roll up wants for logic until he had earned a scholarship and was in platinum.


  1. Whoo...that was certainly a tougher round than last time. Glad everyone survived it.

  2. It was a tough round but they all survived it- bonus!
    Well done you for building your own Uni- I had intended to but chickened out. :D

  3. Great story and kudos on building a Uni. I hate to build too.

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  5. Haha, that round felt almost like a reality check after the Imagi rounds!