Monday, December 28, 2015

1.1B Imagi

(Part 2 for the Imagi family begins early Wednesday morning.)

Vitka:  It's time to set the rest of my plan in motion.  It's time to make a plant baby.

Vitka spawns a baby girl that she names Fauna.

She later spawns a second daughter that she names Terra.

Urial:  It would seem I'm replaceable.

Vitka:  Never that my son.  Come.  Meet your baby sister.

Vitka then spawns a third son.  He is named Yarrow.

Urial:  That's right.  Your birth is some sort of magic.

Vitka:  Just one more.

Our fourth little plant baby is a girl.  She is named Cherry.

Vitka then rolls up the want for 10 children.  It's tempting but I am trying to be good.

Caise:  Mother!

Vitka:  Son!

With her birthing done, Vitka regains her former human appearance.  I should state that she is still a plant sim.  I accidentally downloaded (with a packaged sim) a hack that allows you to switch plant sims between plant skin & normal skin.  I've chosen to move her back to normal skin.  I won't cure her unless she wants it.  I may be in the minority but I love plant sims.  I just don't love them all looking just alike.

While waiting for her plant babies to grow, Vitka learns about fire safety.

But finally, the oldest three age up.

Fauna Imagi - Plantsim - Generation 2 - Pleasure/Knowledge - Chief of Staff - Aries - 5-10-5-0-5
Terra Imagi - Plantsim - G2- Fortune / Knowledge - Head of SCIA - Libra - 5-10-5-0-5
Yarrow Imagi - Plantsim - G2 -Knowledge/Popularity - World Class Ballet Dancer - Virgo - 5-10-5-0-5 
(Note that I can't change the hair.  They are plant sims after all.  Also, for some reason Yarrow's hair spontaneously changes itself later.  Go figure.  Also note, they all have the same personality but different astrological signs.)

The girls head downtown in search of a mate.  

Downside of the hack is that the skins change themselves back when they go downtown.  

Fauna:  This is so embarrassing.  

Urial:  And just like that, mother kicked us all out.  

Fauna:  So that she could have us?

Urial:  Right.  So she could spawn a bunch of plant kids.

Fauna:  Our mother is SO WONDERFUL!

Terra:  Mother said you could get us a husband.

Gypsy:  You pay.  I find.

Terra:  Wait.  He's a teen.  I need to get married NOW.

Gypsy:  Take that up with our creator.  She's the one who didn't remove her hacks.

Terra:  It was nice to meet you but I need someone older.

Gordon:  I understand.  Besides, I've been carrying on with your mother.  It would have been weird.

Terra:  Yeah.  5k worth of weirdness.

Bryan Speavy:  You guys are paying 5k just to meet us.

Fauna:  Well we are in a bit of a time crunch.

Gypsy:  Not a child this time.  I did better, yes?

Terra:  Yes.  So no refund on the first?

Gypsy:  Must be going now.  Enjoy your Chinese.

First Kiss between Fauna & Bryan.

First Kiss between Terra & Ralph Sell.

Fauna:  Will you marry me?

Bryan Seavey:  Well, you did pay for me.  I guess I'm yours.

Terra:  Oh Ralph, will you marry me?

Ralph:  It's my greatest dream.  To become a real boy.

Gypsy:  Another one?

Yarrow:  Yes.  One wife please.

Cara Nanale:  Thanks for getting me off that island.

Yarrow:  The pleasure is all mine.

Cara:  I'm so glad I don't have to return.

Cara Nanale Imagi - Island Girl - G2 - Knowledge/Romance - Chief of Staff - Pisces - 5-7-7-6-7

(Due to Fauna's extreme otherness, she is keeping her plant skin full time.  I just prefer her that way.)

Bryan Seavey - Townie - G2 - Popularity/Romance - Rock God - Aries -5-8-6-3-3

Ralph Sell - Chinese Delivery NPC - G2 - Popularity/Family - The Law - Leo - 8-6-4-9-4

After some minor cosmetic changes, Bryan and Fauna become a 3 bolt couple.

So let's do this.  Down in front.

Mr & Mrs Bryan Seavey

Where are you going.  We're not done yet.

Mr & Mrs Ralph Sell

(Five kids married.  One to go.)

Dual cakes to confuse the guest.

Caise:  Great double wedding guys.

After the honeymoon, both couples move out separately.  They will be added to the end of round two.  They got shafted in the money department.  They were sent off with two plant lights and some of the furniture from the wedding.  

Cherry Imagi - Plantsim - G2 - Family - Education Minister - Gemini - 5-10-5-0-5

Cara:  I don't feel so good.

Cherry:  Not again.  You're doing this on purpose, aren't you.

Gypsy:  Who, me?

Gypsy:  Your family.  So demanding.  But new vacation home I soon build.

Cherry:  I'm just not sure you're the one.  We barely have two bolts.

Island Girl:  And this date was barely worth my time.

Bartender:  Don't even think about it.  

Cherry:  I give up.  I don't care if my siblings found their matches in just one night.  I can't do it.  I won't do it.  I just won't.

Cara:  Generation three already?

Our first town fight.  

Cherry:  Is this why her name is Blaze?

Island girl:  I was going to bring you a rose but I'm not sure you deserve it.

Cherry:  I'm sorry.  If I stay out of the sun for to long, I can turn into a real bitch.

Cherry's first kiss.

So...the family spent SO MUCH MONEY to find mates.  Everyone was successful.  Perhaps even Cherry.  I can't remember the island girl's name but she's on the lot (probably for 3 days) so we might keep her.  I just need one more married child and Cherry has only found 2 two bolt attractions.

Sorry if this seemed rushed.  I did SO MUCH.  The prosperity ground to a halt (or at least felt like it).  I'll be glad to finally get to the Blaze family even though I LOVE the Imagi family.

The neighborhood is now up to 6 houses and 19 sims.  Unbelievable.


  1. Wow, in a matter of one full round of play you are almost at gen 3 being born. What a crazy round, but they were very productive.

  2. You'll be finished this before I've finished one round, lol.
    Great stuff, really enjoyed the plant baby/marriages. :)

  3. hahaha "Ralph: It's my greatest dream. To become a real boy." that was a real giggle!

  4. "Well, you did pay for me. I guess I'm yours." :)