Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kantoo 1.1

 So... Avery moved into a fresh neighborhood with no townies or NPCs.  There are vacation townies/NPCs because I haven't mastered replacing them.  Gets messy & doesn't work when I try.  But I digress.

Avery moved into the largest lot and has no money.  He can't move anyone in for seven days so he does what he has to in order to get by.

AVERY:  Good thing I'm knowledge/FORTUNE sim.  Not just anyone would understand why I have to spend all my time digging up my yard.

You don't have to spend all your time.  You've earned enough to buy a community lot.  It's time to start the family business.  We're opening a spa.  We are also using the time bending properties of the community lot to work on our little side projects.

AVERY:  Side projects?

Oh yeah.  We've got tons of them.  No worries.  It won't hurt (too much).  Besides it will give you a place to look for a wife and something to do with your spare time.  Looking for just the right career post Free Time is a LONG PAINFUL process.

Before heading to start our own business, Avery heads downtown (named Centre) to take a look a the competition and start looking or a mate.  We found a red head that gave us a gift but she was only two bolts and a little young to boot.  The search continues.

 This is the moment I realize I've goofed up royally.  You see I used boolprop to add townies and down townies.  The game crashed in the middle of it.  So I thought it didn't work and did it again.  Now I have doppelgangers.  I almost started over but then said "what the hell" and continued.  If the hood crashes it crashes and truth be told generation two was in school before I realized how bad things really were.

Meet the resident evil witch.  Pretty ain't she?  If only she wasn't an elder.  Oh the babies we could make.

So we head to the spa and our business venture begins.

AVERY:  More digging.

We need cash to expand and grow the business.  So dig baby dig.

(snickers)  Yeah what we are doing is suckering people into the hot tub, getting out and digging for gold.  But thank you for the kind comments.  They mean the world to us.

Really?  We do need a wife.  Lay it on us pretty lady.

AVERY:  WOW!  She's HOT!

And jail bait.  Another hack bites us in the butt.  I really should lose the hacks but.... naw, it's not going to happen.  Oh well. These two had a really HIGH attraction.  I let them have the one dream date because Avery was getting mighty down.  They actually fell in love.  I briefly considered aging her up but then decided to hold off on that.

AVERY:  But I want her.

Just wait.  If we can't find another we'll come back for this one.

To take his mind off his lady love, we expand the business.  Avery starts giving makeovers.  With the doppelgangers we are really going to need them.  BTW, when I play BACCs I limit my time in my businesses.  Not so for this legacy.  I have no idea how long I played at any given time. Give me a loop hole to exploit and oh how I shall use it.

WooHoo!  Half way to the top.  Now we've got money to burn.

To celebrate this accomplishment we head back to the homestead.  Might as well eat up a few of those seven days. 

Hey Art.  Have you missed us?  Probably not.  You know cats.  They only want you when they want something from you.  Ya'll know I'm right.

I know I couldn't move a person in but I figured it wouldn't hurt to get a cat.  I am shelling out dollars for her after all.  This is Apple, mother to generation two.  I hope.

Went ahead and bought the family tree.  It's a lemon tree.  Stealing someone elses idea, I am making this neighborhood a lemon grove.  Every house will have a lemon tree.  That is if there ever is any other houses.  Took a different approach and put the tree in the front of the yard.  Tried the back before and I keep forgetting it's there.  Not good when I can't hire a gardener and I can't let the tree die.

Well back to the business.  We've added more walls and now we have a garden patch.  Need a gold badge to properly care for our tree.

AVERY:  You're a slave driver.

You have no idea.

KACHING!  Our family business is level ten.  Bata bing bata boom.  What can I say, I was playing my BACC before I started this and I'm getting pretty good at the whole business thing.

Avery earns his first badge and maxes his first hobby.  Now this should become the family hobby.  Only I didn't know that until way down the line.  I had it in my head that the founders destined hobby was the family hobby... period.  So by the time I found the destined hobby and realized I was wrong I had already been working toward that other hobby being the family hobby.  Since it is a harder hobby to master and it's my legacy after all, I declared the founders destined hobby and the family hobby.  So there.  There are a bunch of rules in a legacy and sometimes it's just impossible to remember them all. So anyway, this isn't the family hobby.  We'll get to that later.

I try to limit snap dragons in my prosperity hood but this is my legacy.  Bring on the snap dragons. Hobby two maxed.

Although I am a bit of a slave driver, I did give Avery time to look for his future mate.  This was one of the possibilities after make over.  I don't know if you recognizer her but she is originally a blond.  They had two bolts so we offered her a make over to see if that upped the boltage any.

YES!  We have a mate.

AVERY:  But... but... I'm in love with someone else.

The phrase get over it comes to mind. 

AVERY:  You can be so cruel.  Have you no regard for my feelings?

Nope.  None what so ever.  You see I realize something that you don't.  You will be wonderfully happy with this woman.  You don't see it now but someday you'll thank me for this.

Apparently he disagrees.  What did I do exactly?  Oh.  A customer lost a star.  Flip flap.  There goes the perfect game.  Like that was even a possibility anyway. 

I took poor Avery home and got him happy.  I even managed to find him his dream job.  Only took almost a week.  It's a miracle.

I couldn't seem to get Avery happy enough.  He had wanted to become magical every since he met the evil witch.  So I sent him downtown and did the deed.  The jerk got a bad memory from it.  He is a confused soul our Avery.  So do you want to be a warlock or not?  He doesn't know.

Back to our business and another badge and another hobby maxed.  This one we had to have for one of our handicaps.  Every heir has to max games, tinkering and the family hobby.

We also managed to get a gold badge in cosmetology.  That seems to take forever. The townies may never bee the same.  Some are bald (and they are women), lots of crazy face paint and a few really bad cuts.  All in the name of progress though. 

Next time, we welcome generation two. I know.  I don't let grass grow under my feet.  No sirree.

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  1. Meet the resident evil witch. Pretty ain't she? If only she wasn't an elder. Oh the babies we could make. LOL - and I really did.

    I like how you used a loophole on the community lot to earn all those badges. I may try that if I get back to playing a legacy someday.

    I know how it feels when you have something go wrong in your challenge, but it does make it interesting reading. If you're going to blog it, I hope you never start over. Anyone who sims knows that perfection is practically impossible, and it's the weird things like getting doppelgangers that can really add to the fun. ;)