Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kantoo 1.3

 And we are back.

We start out by rolling for Ester's secondary aspiration.  You'll be happy to know that she never truly embraces her romancing side.  Probably the three bolts at home.

Speaking of bolts, Avery and Ester start trying for an heir.  Let's leave them to it.

Ester rather easily finds the job of her dreams.  I wish it was in a different field but oh well. 

Then she settles into studying.  We want to max those skills eventually for the easy points.  Also I'd like to eventually get all the impossible wants done at least once.  It's good to have goals.

Promotions.  Boring.  Sorry but I'm sick. You shouldn't blog while feeling icky but then when would you get any blogging done?

 Birthday time.  First is little Brandy.  She's a nice slob.  Maybe starting with no nice points wasn't so bad after all.

And here is baby Brandy starting the family tradition of toddlers sleeping in the pet beds. 

And here is our spare heir, Brady.  I don't know what happened to his stats.  Maybe I'll stumble across them later.

Not the best pic but here is Hugh.  I can't remember his last name.  Anyway, with no nanny available and two working parents, in the same field no less, Avery invites Hugh to move in and become the live in baby care.  I might also have other plans for him later.  I have been known to be deviously sneaky that way.

Boon grows up.  Time to find him a mate.  I was disappointed with how brown he was but oh well.

Boon's intended lady love is Beauty.  Yeah I'm really being creative with these names aren't I?

Boon and Beauty wanted nothing to do with each other so they eventually got locked in the newly created get to know center in front of the house.  Art and Apple are locked out.  You will mate darn it.  Eventually.  In a very long while.

More promotions.  Evil witch laughing.  My head hurts.  Sigh.

Hugh spends his nights watching the stars.  Maybe someday he'll see something really spectacular. Perhaps even falling from the sky.

Trying to prevent a second pregnancy and hoping for a smallish second generation, I had Ester made cheese cake.

Brady loves Art.  Art loves to hide from Brady.  Some times he even succeeds.

Labor time.  You know what that means.  A bathroom birth of course.  Wouldn't be a legacy without it.

Yeah that whole cheese cake thing didn't work out so well.  Instead of one useless girl child I got two.  Hurray.  And you see I kept the naming thing up.  More B names that end in Y.  Why did I do that?  Ugh.

Brandy and Brady become children.  They are actually quite cute.  I became very attached to them both.

Where are all these bugs coming from?  Couldn't be some of the people you've been bad mouthing now could it?  Ester and Avery are not nice sims.  They like to pick fights.  Can't take them anywhere.

Moving right along...

Birthday time again.  Happens with lots of babies around.  This is Bethany.  See the niceness. 

And here is Brittany.  I have a good deal of geneticized skins so I get a good mix of skin tones.  There are no outright custom skins in this hood.  I save those for other places.

Brandy and Beauty having quality play time.

I shouldn't have done these together.  To small. 

Ester teaches Bethany some skills.

Well enough for now.  I need more juice.  Next time well continue the search for our generation two heir.

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