Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So It Begins

I have way to many unfinished projects.  I tell myself that I should work on this or that but you have to feel it, you know?  Anyway, I had some vacation time around the holidays and I have had legacies on my mind.  So I started a new one.  Again.  In my defense most of my legacy neighborhoods have crashed and burned.  One in generation nine and one in generation four.  Of course I have sort of abandoned at least one, or two or maybe three.   But whose counting.

I wanted this to be the final legacy.  The one that proves that I CAN TOO finish a legacy.  And so the Kantoo Legacy was born.

I have a lot harder time blogging than I do playing.  But right now I am home recovering from pneumonia and the doctor says I'm still contagious.  I also have insomnia.  Go figure.  So I thought I'd give this blogging a chance.  I will hopefully keep it up.  This will not be a story driven legacy blog.  More of a look at the mess I've made blog.  As I write this generation three is an adult.  I have a generation four heir from and accidental abduction but I won't use him unless I have to.  So you see I do have a thing or two to blog about.  But I'm getting way ahead of myself.  Like all good legacies, there is a beginning.

And his name is Avery Kantoo, our founder.  Avery is in honor of my favorite legacy that crashed going into generation four.  I miss them.  I tried once to recreate them and that was a disaster.  So this time I started fresh.  The darkest skin, the darkest eyes, elf ears.  Definitely not Aaron Avery.  I'm hoping to work all the dominant  genes out at some point.  I started with a knowledge sim because it seemed a good place to start.  Started on the largest lot possible.  The personality is my favorite although I am rather fond of cleaning ghosts, if you follow.  Couldn't do that though because of one of my handicaps.  Can't remember which one right this instant but poor Avery couldn't have a nice above two.  So I just made him really neat and really active.  I always seem to loose the nice along the way so this time we'll see what happens if we start with practically none.

 Avery is turned on by red heads wearing make up.  No black hair.  We want blond/red for the spouse if possible.  We are going for true love so it might not be.  But I went with hair color because that's an easy thing to change and pump up the bolts.

 I'm going to try for the whole family pet breeding thing.  I can tell you right off that I'm  not fond of breeding pets.  First off I use a hack to allow larger families.  It doesn't allow you to breed the pets unless the family is of a regular size which mine rarely are.  Second, pets have always just annoyed the heck out of me.  I own two dogs and a cat.  I love them to pieces.  I just don't like sim pets.  Not in TS1 or TS2.  Sorry.  There has to be a hater amongst us to balance out the pet crazies. You know who you are.

So here is our family.  We started with a touch more than we should have but I'll blow through that in cat equipment in no time.

Isn't Art cute.  I added a bunch of layers.  No wild colors because I seemed to lose them all when I got my new computer.  Could have sworn I unlocked them again with some cheats but maybe not.  Oh well.  Also there are no strays running through my neighborhood so all mates will be bought.  We are talking straight out of the box breeds from a pet store.  No guarantee this will last long anyway.  We'll give it a go though.

I rolled for Avery's second aspiration and Avery is a Knowledge / Fortune sim.  Wants to be the hand of Poseidon.  OK.  Sounds doable.

Ok.  For the handicaps I chose the following:  Do it Yourself, Fearless, Patriarchy, Obey Your Sims, eXtreme, True Love, Free Roaming Ghosts, Danger Zone and Story Telling.

Bored so far?  We'll I'm wired and should have been asleep three hours ago. Sick folks need their sleep so why does is escape them? 

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  1. Oooo, this looks like a fun legacy, and I'm looking forward to reading more. I happen to lean toward your views on pets in Sims 2. They are a lot of trouble, so I usually don't have a lot of them unless it's a random scenario or a LTW.I hope you are feeling better soon and are able to rest better.