Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kantoo 1.2

Well we're back.  I've had a little sleep so hopefully things will be better this morning.  I still feel all icky.  Oh woe is me.  Anyway....

We are back on the family lot so we can finish out this first week and move in our mate.  Since the kitties are getting alone we let them get a head start on things. 

Since witchery has it's advantages, Avery goes to the magical world to max out is witchery skills.  He got all green skinned and evil.  I had him make the house several thrones of darkness and then study a little neutral magic until he got his skin tone back.  He just didn't look right green.

Back home we continue the search for Avery's natural hobby.  We tried a little of this and a little of that until we found it.

AVERY:  I love science.  It's all so fascinating.

Maybe I should have guessed that since he was a knowledge sim.

Five seconds later on our brand new telescope....

Yeah that was a bit of a surprise.  I was just looking for his natural hobby not to get him abducted.  Doesn't he look pitiful.

AVERY:  You would too in my place.

Probably true.

Avery's first day of work and he's in another galaxy.  Do you think his employers would by that excuse?

Eventually Avery made it home and then flew quickly off to work so that he wouldn't be too very late.

AVERY:  I got a promotion.  I get to work with the dolphins now.

In a way I guess that's true.  More like work for the dolphins but whatever.

Avery's little trip to the stars required that we speed things up a bit with Ester.  Yes this is Ester Collier.  She will be the mother of generation two.  And look, another knowledge sim.  I wasn't wanting to mess with a family sim this early in the game so this works out well.

Nice.  Ester has a good paying job and skills.  An added benefit.  These two were just friends.  Now they are in love.  So now we wait.  For the seven days to be over so she can move in and take care of poor knocked up Avery.

AVERY:  What?

Oh yea.  Did I fail to mention that.  You've got a little alien bun in the oven.  Generation two is on the way.  Although I could use an alien heir, I am going to try to do the true love through all generations.  That means a husband and wife for each heir.  Course if things get tricky I reserve the right to change my mind.  It's a woman's prerogative.

See.  First pop while tending the lemon tree.

AVERY:  I guess you were right after all.

I'm always right.  Just carve that in stone and leave it around somewhere for all the future Kantoos to see.

Kitten time.  Apple had one kitten.  A boy named Box.  I would like to do male heirs for the cats too but I'm not nearly that inflexible on that one.

Unfortunately after the birth Apple laid down on the ground and refused to go eat even though she was starving.  By the time I realized it there was nothing I could do.  So.... knowing I will have lots of overflow from some categories, I exited without saving.  I know, bad Tammy.  But I was pissed at the time.  Mainly at Apple.  Bad cat.  It wasn't till a week later that it occurred to me that I could have just let Ester adopt the kitten back.  Would have saved me so much headache too.  Oh well. 

Take two.  Apple has twins.  Butter and Boon.  Both were orange kitties.  I had the mean old pet police lady come and take Butter away.  Although I am not suppose to use services, adoption is excluded from the ban and I am taking that to mean pet adoption too.  Bye bye Butter.

That night the leader of the pack makes an appearance.  And finally, he has a decent name.  Meet Menice, our official leader of the pack. 

AVERY:  Hey there boy.  What big eyes you have.

MENICE:  The better to see where your delicate flesh is.

HOORAY!  It's Monday.  Our week of exile is over.  Still wearing his goofy glasses Avery calls up Ester and invites her over.

AVERY:  Ester, I know it's sudden but, will you marry me?

ESTER:  Oh Avery.  It is sudden but it feel so right.  Yes.  I will marry you.

ESTER:  Wait, right now.

Of course.  No time like the present.  I gave Ester the chance to back out of the marriage just for drama sake but she didn't.  Thank goodness.  She'll come in handy in a sec.

The low down on lady Ester.  Ester Collier Kantoo brought with her a surgical table.  That is great.  One less career to work on.  I have a hack in my game that prevents a college grad from just calling up and accepting jobs and getting the career objects.  Yes, I have to work for my stuff.

Avery granted Ester's wish to be a witch.  Welcome to the dark side my dear.  Yes it's an evil witchy family folks.


ESTER:  In a sec dear.  I have to complete this spell first.

Say what?  Natural twins.  Always when you least expect them... or want them.

AVERY:  Oh look.  It's a girl.

ESTER:  With you in a second dear.

AVERY:  And a boy.  We have the set.

ESTER:  Umm.  They are... a lovely shade of green.

VISITOR:  Yuck.  Bugs.

Well there they are.  Generation two has arrived.  I will later regret naming them Brandy and Brady.  You'll understand why later.  I got way carried away with the naming theme.  Caused all kind of hard ache later on.

Next time, Ester gives it a go at giving birth.

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  1. I don't know what to comment on - so many good things in this update! I loved that Avery had natural twins, and how Ester had to finish her spell before coming to help. I didn't realize they could go and improve their magic skills in the magic world, so I will have to try that.