Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kantoo 1.5

 And so we're back.  I'm still sick but I'm fighting it by golly.  I think I'm loosing though.

We start by showing how unobservant I am.  It was this point in things were I realized that Ester had brought some things into the marriage.  Took me long enough to find it.  I sold most of this stuff but kept the karaoke machine.  Kids always love that.

Avery gets a good chance card.  I always love those.

Avery has now completed is secondary impossible want of earning a bunch of cash.

Ester reaches the top of her career.  Yeah!.  All these platinum adults make the kids so much easier to deal with.

Birthday time again.  Bryony grows into a beautiful exotic looking little girl.  I love this skin for some reason.  No idea why.

And Billy Wayne becomes a toddler.  He is the most interesting of the children as he is the only one that truly takes after his mother.  For better or worse.

Brady maxes out his skills fulfilling his secondary impossible want.

And the toddler training begins.  My toddlers get taught all their skills immediately.  They are then left alone to fend for themselves until their next birthday rolls up.  Well I do leave glowing bottles around so they don't starve.  I'm not completely heartless.

The girls have their teen birthdays and then get a makeover.  They are both romance sims.  Brittany is at the top and Bethany at the bottom.

Art gets loved on my Bradley. 

Then he becomes a child.  He is a doll. Such a sweet natured boy.  To bad I started torturing him.  Bradley became my bug hunter.  I was determined to complete a bug collection so as soon as I could I set Bradley out to complete this task.  It was annoying but it kept him busy and for the most point he did enjoy himself.

Avery finally maxed his enthusiasm in science.This is officially the family hobby now.

He wound up gaining the rest of his enthusiasm on the computer.  For some reason the storm kept catching him.  ZAP!

This is were we stand on our hobby collection right now.  These are all Avery's.  He's going for the complete set.

After a quick time out to teach the kiddies to study, it's off to more important things.

 Avery bought and opened a second business.  This one is Kantoo Crafting.  He used his wife and teenage children as slave labor and then sold their homemade goods to the masses.

Things went really well.  Folks will buy just about anything given the right persuasion and both he and Ester are masters at salesmanship.

It was a little awkward though when Brady saw this woman.  His mother's doppelganger.  Yes that is what Ester looked like before her make over.  The kids are actually carrying black/blond hair genes.  Brady seemed to think this lady was hot and couldn't seem to keep his eyes off her.  It was just to creepy for me so I sent him back in the bank to make more stuff.  It's just not right heart farting over your mother's doppelganger.

Soon after Billy Wayne had a birthday.  His father Avery started going nuts about getting the heir in private school.

So Ester called up the man in charge.  Let the schmoozing begin.

In the end, all of the kids got into private school. 

That same night, Avery maxed all his skills.  It was time to celebrate.  Family vacation anyone?

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