Sunday, January 31, 2016

2.6 Sell

Ralph Sell - former Chinese delivery person - Generation 2 - Popularity / Family - The Law

Terra Imagi Sell - Plantsim (in disguise) - Generation 2 - Fortune / Knowledge - Head of SCIA
Last time:  Terra & Ralph were set up by the gypsy.  They married and moved here to start their lives.

Their starter progress.

Terra:  That's right little beauties.  I rock.

Ralph:  Hi honey.  Bedroom in ten.

Terra:  Really?  I'll be there in five.

Terra:  How can I have to puke when I never eat?

Terra:  I'm growing yet another little plant.

Ralph:  Sir, I know you want to believe your son is innocent but he was found with blood on his hands.  You might want to face facts, prison is in his future.  No, I can't say that.  He'll slit my throat.

You do realize that no amount of bribes will make you playable.

Gypsy:  Well that doesn't seem fair.

Genie:  <sigh> Another one.  And this one is with child so I can't smash her on the head.

Ralph:  Excuse me while my family side takes over.

Genie:  Really?

Terra:  I want to earn 100k in my life and that last wish seemed to count.

Genie:  Fine.  Whatever.

Genie:  You realize this is your last wish.  Are you sure you wouldn't want to raise your dead mother?

Terra:  No.  Cash please.

Terra:  Stupid baby.  Now I've missed my last money bag.

Ralph:  Honey it's only 1k.  I'm sure you can live without it.

Terra:  But I wanted it.

Jack Sell
Ralph:  Hello son.  Welcome to the outside world.

Ralph:  This is SO GREAT!

Terra:  Here, take your son.  Your the one who wanted a baby so bad.

Ralph:  But I need to study for work.  You never sleep.  You can study when the baby sleeps.

Terra:  <shoots daggers at husband with her eyes>

Yes, I was to lazy to rename it.

Load screen of death.  Stupid thing.  Close game.  Restart computer.  Restart game.  Finally renamed to Sell Ice Rink which I think of as (Sell Ice) rink.

And here we are.  Finally.

Terra:  Whoops.  I hope no one saw that.

Cherry Imagi Royce - So I heard you and Ralph got in on.  Did you do it in a tent?  I don't see one.

Terra:  What?  We got a little busy on the couch.  Did someone see that?  Crap.  Ralph will be so pissed if he hears.

Terra:  Guess what.  You're stupid risky public woohoo has had repercussions.

Ralph:  Really?  I wasn't trying.  I swear.  I guess I'm just super studly.

Terra:  You're going to be super frustrated when I stop putting out.

Party Time!

Cherry:  What?  It's a baby's birthday party.  I'm not missing much.

Jack Sell - Scorpio - 8-6-9-9-1
(his bow tie is color coordinated)

Ralph:  Well Jack, we had a great time at the party didn't we.  

Terra:  So mommy has a baby in her belly.  You're going to be a big brother.

Jack:  NO!  Jack only baby.

Ralph: You'd never win a case with that argument.  

Terra:  I could.

Ralph:  Honey, no one wins against the cola companies.

Terra:  I hate it when you're right.

Well I hope that was half decent.  I was rushing to finish today as tomorrow is the first and I'm a accountant.  I sometimes go completely missing after the first.

So...Ralph had the want for a baby and they did need an heir so Jack was a try for baby.  This new baby was ACR risky woohoo.  I'm not amused.  But oh well.

Things are going well on their careers.  Terra has passed the 75k mark on her impossible want due to the gypsy lamp.  I had forgotten those counted.  I may have her sell her business to finish it off or we may keep it.  I don't know yet.

And this finishes week two.  A quick recap and then I have to rest up for an early morning.

Back in a sec.


  1. where no 2.6, you have gone from 2.5 to 2.7 have i missed something and did you say you do something with numbers lol sorry couldn't help it. I love the pink eyes.

    1. You were right. I fixed it. I just used the wrong numbers. I guess I was more tired than I thought.

  2. Those eyes are really cool, and I love that the tie matches. :) Another fun family.