Saturday, January 23, 2016

2.4 Imagi (House 3)

The Family:

Caise Imagi - Gen 1 - Son of Vitka (deceased) - 20 days til elder - Family / Fortune - Education Minister
Emmy Hourvitz Imagi - Gen 1 - Former Island Mountain Girl - 22 days til elder - Knowledge / Popularity - Mad Scientist
Merry Imagi - Gen 1 - daughter of Caise - almost teen 

Last time:  Caise & his new wife Emmy moved into a new lot with Caise's kids Baron & Merry.  Lots of skilling.  Baron headed to college.  Caise was abducted by aliens.

Family check:  Caise & Emmy are snoozing.  

As is Merry.  The entire family just received inheritance from Vitka.

Caise:  I feel sick.  Really, really sick.

Caise:  Can I just have a moment please.  I need to relax.  Alone.

Merry Imagi - Knowledge / Family - Chief of Staff
Kody:  Wow Merry, you got big.

Caise:  I'm so sorry Merry.  I can't believe you became a teen and I have never taught you to study.

Merry:  The fountains look even better in the spring.

Headmaster:  Woohoo!  I love fountains in the spring.

Alien townie:  He is totally checking out that underage girl.

Headmaster:  So, you're having another child.  We love large families.  The more kids the merrier.  That's our motto.

Living with two knowledge sims.  Riveting.

Merry:  Why does everything break at the same time?

Caise:  I am always so hungry.

Natural Twins in case your wondering.

Helix Imagi
Jaelix Imagi

Merry:  There are two many males in this family.

Caise:  Hush.  One  can never have too many strong sons.

Emmy:  Always the stepmother, never the mother.

Merry:  I've done it.  I've learned everything.  And I did it before Emmy.

Caise:  I hate chance cards in the morning.  I hate chance cards all the day.

I should really put a stop to this.  I just know it.

Merry:  I'm not listening to you.  A teen is not to young to become an evil witch.  

Evil Warlock:  Well I won't be changing you.  Come back when you're older.

Gordon Blaze:  Yes, I love you Fiona, but I'm just not over your grandmother's death yet.  She was my first love after all.  I hope you can understand.

Fiona:  Just don't wait to long Gordon.  Someone else may win my heart while you wait.

Emmy:  Finally, I've found my dream job.

Merry:  Happy birthday Helix.

Helix Imagi - Gemini - 7-8-10-10-0

Caise:  Happy birthday Jaelix.

Jaelix Imagi - Sagittarius - 10-7-0-2-9

Emmy:  Ugh!

Merry:  So those are all of Uncle Urial's children.  Now Grammy Vitka had four plantbabies....

That family member who just shows up and sits in your garden and plays with your chess set without ever saying hello.

Caise:  That's right.  We are almost positive Emmy is pregnant.  Soon she'll look like she swallowed a planet.

Caise:  Yes, my wife is expecting.  I could really use some extra cash.

Genie:  You humans are so predictable.

Maid:  I hate you all.  You force me to clean up after you.  Each and every day.  For money.  I HATE YOU ALL!!!   I shall steal your paper so that I don't have to recycle it.

Emmy:  Money would be nice I think.

Genie:  Really?  Not world peace?

Caise:  Baron, my eldest son, you are finally home from college.

Baron:  I've missed you too dad.

Merry:  It's the college life for me.

So...I really wasn't expecting twins.  Love them to bits though.

Emmy got pregnant from risky woohoo as always.  I wasn't that upset since she's never had a child.

I honestly thought that I'd not have any kids at uni this round.  I underestimated Merry's age.  I could have let her go another round but she'd be two days til adult when she left.  So, since she's maxed her skills, I sent her.  BTW, Emmy has also maxed her skills.  I don't think I mentioned that.

I debated with myself about moving Baron back in since his dad is still popping out kids.  I went for it and I'm still not sure that was the right move.  He may move out later.  Or not.

So, things are progressing.  I'm caught up with my blogging.  I'll have to fit in some time to play soon.

I will admit that I am playing a lot of Sims 4 right now.  I have FINALLY figured out how to play that game.  I've been playing the Drifter Challenge and loving it.  I've also started the 100 baby challenge.  Wasn't planning to play that one but I came home really stressed one day and suddenly 100 babies sounded like a good idea.  So anyway I'm still trying to get at least one post per week for this.  I'm not currently blogging my Sim 4 stuff.

And that's all I've got I guess.  Happy simming everyone.  I hope to see you soon.


  1. Just nearly finished playing round 3 of my prosperity but houses got glitched and nobody could go up or downstairs. I had to move people mid round which was a bit of bummer. Also i have one person who is also going to Uni this round too which i forgot about.

  2. A fun update. Those twins are fun. The hood is growing quickly with all those kids, not to mention all the plant babies that were had by Vitka. Loving your hood so far.

  3. Ha I haven't gotten used to TS4. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I did mess around with the garden and splicing stuff together, that was pretty fun. I wanted the cow plant seed. I am doing 100 baby challenge in TS3. Next to TS2, that is my favorite.