Sunday, January 31, 2016

2.5 Seavey

The household is:

Bryan Seavey - former townie - generation 2 - Popularity / Romance - Rock God
Fauna Imagi Seavey - spawned plantsim - generation 2 - Pleasure / Knowledge - Chief of Staff

Last time: The gypsy matched them up.  Vitka married them off.  They moved out to this empty lot to start their new life together.

After receiving some inheritance from Vitka Imagi, the couple built this starter house.

It's a start.  That's all.


Fauna:  Wow.

Yes, it's a risky honeymoon baby.

Before being offered a job as a cop, Fauna had settled on being a slacker.  Now she has pretty plants to grow.

Bryan:  So a baby?

Fauna:  Yes.

Bryan:  Well, we did need one of those eventually.

Fauna:  Yes.

Bryan:  Would have been nice if we could have waited for a while.

Fauna:  (finally looks up)

Bryan:  But I'm super excited.

Fauna:  That's what I thought.

Fauna finds her dream job.

Fauna:  I'm a heck of a long as I don't drop anything.

Bryan:  (grumble) Am I going to have to be a doctor forever?

Fauna:  Hey sis.

Terra:  Hey...can't breathe.  Belly....preventing....air....

Bryan:  Oh no.  LABOR!!!

Fauna:  How have you mananged <pants> to be a doctor <pants>  for so long?

Bryan:  I'm a hack.  You know that.

BayLeigh Seavey
Fauna:  It's a girl.

Bryan:  Crap I'm a dad.  I feel kind of sick.

Terra:  I can't believe it.  First your husband faints and now this guy collapses.

Fauna:  Men have weak constitutions.

Gypsy:  A little something to help with the diapers.

Untouchable glitched baby syndrome.

Mail carrier:  Did you know you had a baby hovering in midair?

Nanny:  Caught her.

Mail carrier:  Is baby catching a thing?

Nanny:  It is now.

Bryan:  Stressful day?

Fauna:  What gave it away?

Bryan:  Happy Birthday BayLeigh!

BayLeigh Seavey - Gemini - 5-8-9-4-1

Fauna:  No, mommy not scary.  Mommy is a plantsim.  Can you say plantsim?

Fauna:  I'm not being dramatic.  Our child is scared of me.

Bryan:  I'm sure you....why can't I find it?

Fauna:  Because you're looking six inches to low.

Bryan:  Oh, thanks.

Fauna:  BayLeigh, look at mommy.

BayLeigh:  No.

Genie:  I suppose you want cash.

Bryan:  What else would I want?

Genie:  You humans.  So predictable.

Bryan:  You Genies, so stalling.  Gimme.

Genie:  Damn, missed.

Fauna:  Dang it, what the heck was he doing in here?

Family Dance!!!

So that's week two.  I admit to playing large portions at high speed.  It's not that I don't like these two, it's just that skilling and careering is boring.  But we'll get that wrapped up someday..maybe.

BayLeigh is a cutie.  To bad all the kids are mean.  The neighborhood is going to be fight central soon.

On my way to work on the last post of the week.  Yes, we are on the verge of week three.

Back soon.


  1. Nice story telling. Glad you got the glitched baby sorted.

  2. The eyebrows on BayLeigh are interesting. I'm sure she's going to grow into them though. The interactions here were fun to read.