Saturday, January 23, 2016

2.3 Imagi (House 2)

The family:

Urial Imagi - Gen 1 - Son of Vitka Imagi (deceased) - 20 days til elder - Romance / Family - Rock God
Tori Kody Imagi - Gen 1 - former townie - 22 days til elder - Romance / Fortune - Woohoo 20 sims
Kody Imagi - Gen 2 - Son of Urial & Tori - Toddler

Last time:  Urial & his new wife Tori moved out with Urial's teen daughter Fiona.  Urial had a tryst with the burglar.  Tori got pregnant from risky woohoo.  Baby Kody was born.  Fiona headed to college.  Urial's family side starts taking over demanding more kids.

Family check:  Urial & Tori are resting.  They've just received insurance proceeds from Vitka.

Kody is being cute and playing in his bear suit.

Kody becomes a handsome child.

The Imagi cousins start coming over after school.  I think this is Maro Imagi. (but I'm to lazy to double check)

Urial:  As your Congressman, I can't promise to fix the economy.  I can, however, promise that someday I'll provide the most wonderful rock concerts with a rather affordable entry fee.

Tori:  Everyone is expected to go to college.  You need to study now so aren't forced to drop out.

Caise:  You do realize what this can lead to, right?

Urial:  I need this skill for work.  Besides, they wouldn't dare take a Congressman.

Urial:  I'm freezing baby.  How about warming your husband up?

Tori:  I really don't want any more kids.

Urial:  Who said anything...

Tori:  Do you think I don't know that you want another baby.  I know Urial.  I know all.

Tori:  I'm going to kill him.

Kody:  Hi dad.  I made an A.

Urial:  Excellent.  Now run inside and see if your mother still wants to kill me.

Tori:  I am Captain Hero.  I could get away with it.

Urial:  Well at least I've finally got my limo.

Urial:  I don't see why she insists I can't hire a repairman.  A Senator shouldn't have to do these things himself.

Kody:  MOM!

Nanny:  Just great.  Another nasty little baby to care for.

Ori Imagi

Tori:  I hope you're happy now.  I've given you another son.

Urial:  I feel content.  For now.

Kody:  Can't we trade him in on for a puppy?

Urial: No we can not.  Besides, there are no pet stores in 2016 Prosperity.  Someone doesn't like pets.

(Actually I love them and have six of my own.  But their care in the sims is a royal PITA.)

Tori:  Women thinking of ways to kill their husband should perhaps not be Captain Hero.

(I have to admit that her hair is staring to bug me.  But it's her signature look so I'm trying to get over it.)

They grow up so fast.

Ori Imagi - Sagitarrius - 6-2-10-10-7

Ori:  Face it folks.  I am just adorable.

Urial:  Goodnight little man.  Sweet dreams.

Fiona:  Dad, I'm home for college.

So, Ori was yet another baby of risky woohoo.  She wanted woohoo and he wanted a baby so they both got what they wanted.  These two are making really attractive kiddies.  He currently wants another one.  She currently fears having another one.  I would be fine with them not having more but we'll just have to wait and see what risky decides.

Fiona is back from college.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with her.  She has a career lifetime want (Media Magnet) so I might let her start her career before working on her love life.  I usually just jump straight into marriage after college but I'm considering a change.

Urial still hasn't found his dream job.  I'm still putting off working on Tori's lifetime want.

Well that's all for now.  I'll have another post up shortly.


  1. see i used to rush let's get married and have babies if their wish for engagement or marriage then it on, if not go without unless your the heir, which needs a baby.

  2. A fun round. I know you said it's starting to bug you but I really like Tori's hair. :) Risky has kept them busy that's for sure.

  3. :) You are moving right along...yes let Fiona be a career girl!