Friday, January 8, 2016

2.1 Imagi

The Imagi Family:

Vitka Imagi - Matriarch - G1 - Plantsim - 61 days old - Family / Popularity - Marry off 6 kids (5 married)
Yarrow Imagi - G2 -Vitka's son - Plantsim - 28 days til elder - Knowledge / Popularity - World Class Ballet Dancer
Cara Nanale Imagi - G2 - Yarrow's wife - 27 days til elder - Knowledge / Romance - Chief of Staff
Cherry Imagi - G2 -Vitka's daughter - Plantsim - 29 days til elder - Family / Fortune - Education Minister

Last round: Vitka became a plantsim, she kicked out her older kids after marrying them off, she spawned 4 plantbabies, she married off 3 of them, kicked out two couples, Cara got pregnant with risky woohoo, Cherry had a date with an island girl but didn't close the deal, AND the island girl shows up on our doorstep just after midnight.

Cherry:  I may have been hasty to dismiss us as a couple.  What do you say we give dating another try?

Tracy Royce:  Well....since I'm here, sure.  Why not.

Cherry:  Mother?

Vitka:  Just pretend I'm not here.  

Cherry:  Like that's possible.

Vitka:  I see happiness in my future.

Vitka:  Some things a mother need not see.

Vitka:  Who's my cute little grandbaby?  You are.  Yes you are.

Cherry:  Tracy, will you marry me?

Tracy:  Oh yes.  Yes!

(I added some social townies.  Then I changed out the default face template and added some more.  You'll know them when you see them.)

Tracy Royce - Island Townie - G2 - Knowledge / Fortune - Mad Scientist

Don't you wish you could be that flexible?

Vitka commissions a green house to be built.

Lots of family arriving.  What could that mean?

That's right.  It's a winter wedding.

Mrs. & Mrs. Royce

Vitka:  Well done my daughter.  Well done.

Gordon:  Please don't hit on me.  I'm dating your mother.

Gordon:  I hope she understands now.

Tracy:  Finally, we're alone.

Cara:  Hula anyone?

Cara:  Oh my.  OH MY!

Maro Imagi - Generation Three
Cara:  It's a boy.  

Everyone:  Congratulations!

No. Not a party.  Just Vitka greeting walkbys.

Vitka:  You will be my seventh child.  I shall make you a wife.

The family discovers the joy of learning.

Maro Imagi - G3 - Leo - 5-10-7-6-6
Happy Birthday Maro!

Vitka's Family Tree

Aww. Cutness.

Three knowledge sims in one household is not always that interesting.  Sorry.

Yarrow:  Come to daddy Maro.

Yarrow:  Such a good boy.

Cherry:  So now that you've studied all night, are you up for a little exercise?

Tracy:  What did you have in mind?

Townie:  You got something to say?

Yes I do.  OMG!  WTH?  Someone needs a makeover badly.  And trust me, you don't want to see this from the back.  Custom content gone bad.

Cara:  Well someone's full of herself.

Yarrow:  You seriously couldn't answer the hobby card better than that?

Apparently not.  We're lucky you're still employed.

This meeting of the Skygazer Club is now in order.

Told ya so.

Cherry:  I'm so glad you came back to me Tracy.

Tracy:  So am I.

Prepare yourself.

Vitka:  Goodnight my sweet sweet grandson.

Vitka:  No.  I don't want to go.  I want to watch my grandbabies grow up.



Vitka:  Goodbye Maro.  Don't forget your Grammy.

Cherry:  No.  Mother, don't go.

Maro:  GRAMMY!  Want GRAMMY!


Vitka Imagi died at the age of 67.  She completed her lifetime want.  She had more than 12 friends.  She made round one fun.  I will miss her.

Cherry:  Heck yeah.  I got inheritance.

Cara:  Oh no.  Oh no. OH NO OH NO OH NO !!!!

Townie:  OMG!  Your house is on fire.

The Stargazer Club meets for indoor learning.

Maro:  Yes.  I'm aware I have my father's nose.

Yet another night of gazing.

Cherry:  I don't know why mother planted so many eggplants.

Maro:  No.  Don't take Grammy.

 Well, sorry if that wasn't up to snuff.  It was a very repetitive round.  I am trying to get the impossible wants for my three knowledge sims which isn't the most interesting thing in the world.

There was a lot of woohoo at the end of the round.  No risky pregnancies have been spotted so far.  I have been debating making plant babies but right now I'm holding off.  I might have Cherry or one of the others spawn a plantbaby when they are much older.  Maybe I'll roll a dice to decide.

 Vikta, I will miss her.  She was my favorite by far.  I do love most of her family though.  We will carry on and maybe even give her more grandbabies someday.

Well that's all here for now.  This was played last weekend.  I haven't been near a sim all week.  The real world really sucks.  Weeks like this make you wonder if it's worth it to take a vacation.

Well thanks for reading.  Happy simming ya'll.


  1. Goodbye Grammy, she was fun. I like the way your hood seems to be exploding with so many sims already on generation 3 (i think).

  2. awww bye bye Vikta, she was a great sim and will be missed. :)

  3. Awww....Vikta, you gave us lots of fun in two rounds. You will be missed. A fun round overall though, I enjoy this family.

  4. Yes, Vikta was a lot of fun. Great play style, lots accomplished.