Saturday, January 2, 2016

1.4 Imagi

The last house of the first round is another Imagi house.  This one  consists Vitka's second son and his family.

Caise Imagi - G1 - 27 days til elder - Family / Fortune - Education Minister

Emmy Hourvitz Imagi - former mountain dweller - 29 days til elder- G1 - Knowledge / Popularity - Mad Scientist

Baron Imagi - G1 - 13 days til adult - Fortune / Pleasure - Hall of Famer

Merry Imagi - G1 - Toddler

The family sold the items given to them by Vitka and then overspent on this starter house.

Previous question answered. 

Caise & Emmy head to work.  Baron stays home and cares for his baby sister.

Time to take care of Emmy's illness.  

That night, Merry becomes a child.  She looks very elvish doesn't she.  Like an old lady trapped in a child's body.

Merry:  How rude.

Emmy has two days off work and she sinks into knowledge sim mode where it's all about the learning.

Caise gets two promotions in one day due to a good chance card.

Baron:  I can't believe they bought such a crappy tv.

Merry:  Well at least we have one now.

Baron:  I ROCK!!!

Caise:  Did you have a good day of school Merry?

Merry:  I have perfect grades father.

Caise:  That's great baby girl.

Baron:  When did we get a grill?

Emmy:  Oh. We don't have a grill.  These hot dogs have been in my backpack for years.

Merry:  That explains the crunch.

Emmy:  Your dad's new bookcase makes me extremely happy.

Merry:  Dancing just doesn't come naturally for me but I'll keep at it.

Emmy introduces the neighborhood to the slap dance of her native land.

Caise:  I just wanted a little fun.  Just a little fun.  Nothing more.

Baron:  Oh dad.  That looks like it hurt.

Baron:  I was supposed to be the first college student.  I guess since I'm last I'll just have to make sure I become the best.

Emmy:  Do you feel better now?

Caise:  Yes.  It almost feels like a dream now.  Almost.

Baron becomes our third and final university student at this time.  We'll see him soon as university will be played at the first of every round.

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I seemed to have stopped taking them at some point.

Although Caise is a family sim, he hasn't wished for a baby yet.  There has been limited woohoo and so far no risky babies for this couple.

This house wasn't as much fun only because there was so much skilling.  Emmy is still waiting on her science job.  She may be able to top law enforcement though and that would be nice.

Anyway, next up is the weekly recap followed by the start of the second round.


  1. It may not have been 'fun' but it certainly was productive! :)

  2. I enjoyed the round. These sims all have fun looks. Seems like a productive round at least.

  3. Woo woo always love to see abductions. :)