Sunday, January 10, 2016

2.2 Blaze

The Family (left to right):

Anna Blaze - Generation 1 - Romance / Grilled Cheese - Celebrity Chef
Irving Blaze - G1 - Child
Foley Blaze - G1 - Child

Last time:  Anna & her oldest son Gordon trained the twins.  They managed to pay the bills.  Anna got a hot tub as a date gift (which we kept).  Gordon left for college.

We also ordered a repair man and maid.  

Anna:  I'm just not made for manual labor.

You are if I say you are...but really she's not.

Anna:  Ah....what's my line?  Oh... oh right.

Anna:  You've both made the honor roll.  I'm so proud of you.  

Irving:  Foley, I think the aliens stole our mommy and replaced her with a clone.

Anna:  Are you crazy?  It would not be better if it was rain instead of snow.  It still gets my hair wet.

Irving:  It is mom after all.

Foley:  I love you mommy.

Anna:  Quiet.  I have to learn this for work.

Irving:  It's my birthday!!

Anna:  Yeah yeah.

Irving Blaze - G1 - Popularity / Pleasure - Media Magnet
Foley Blaze - G1 - Pleasure / Popularity - Hall of Famer

Foley:  Do you think mom will be mad that we took her card and bough cell phones?

Irving:  And I bought myself a game unit.  Of course she will if she finds out.  We'll just dig up some cash before we head home.

Foley:  I'm not sure why we couldn't hire someone again.

Irving:  Mom noticed the transactions on her card.  This is punishment I guess.

Anna:  Thanks for coming over Justus.  The boys had me so tense earlier.

Justus:  My pleasure.

(Justus was called Justin in the previous post.  My bad.  I guess I saw what I wanted to see.)

Foley:  If we had the money, mom would love to take a cruise.  

Irving:  But she says we kids are just one big money drain.

Foley:  And because of us she can never afford nice things.

Green Girl:  Do you two always finish each other's thoughts like that?

Irving/Foley:  Yes.

Irving:  I'll be glad when our punishment is done.

Foley:  Punishment?  

Justus:  I don't mind having dates at your place.  It's not like your sons bother us.

Anna:  Dang right.  They know better.

Justus:  It is our third date.

Anna:  Only because I wanted to.

Justus:  And you love me.

Anna:  Maybe.

Justus:  You do.

Anna:  Oh no.  What have I done.

Justus Graham - G1 - Popularity / Grilled Cheese - Captain Hero 

Anna:  Justus, what are you doing?

Justus:  Thanking you for finally asking me to share your life.

Anna:  Well I don't know if moving in....

Anna:  Shiny...for me?

Justus:  Of course.  Only the best for my wife.

Anna:  Wife?

Justus:  Will you marry me Anna?

Anna:  Yes.  I guess.  Yes.

Justus:  Great.  With this ring...


Justus:  Why wait?  

Mr. & Mrs. Graham

Anna:  Wait...what did we just do?

Justus:  We committed our lives to each other.  Forever.

Anna:  Yes.  That's what I thought.

Anna:  It's going to be okay.  At least this time I'll have help with the baby.  Oh my.  
<num num num>

Anna:  These people don't know who they're messing with.  I'm 'bout to go off on somebody.

Anna:  Oh son.  Welcome home.  

Anna:  I guess it's time to go tell everyone the news.

Gordon:  Don't judge me.  My long time love just died.  I can eat a plate of grilled cheese if I want.

Foley:  I don't hate you for knocking up my mom.  At least you married her.  Our dad never did.

Justus:  Um...okay.  Great.

Gordon finds his dream job on night one.  YES!

Foley:  It's okay if you try to be a father to us.  We won't listen to you.  Especially Irving.  And Gordon.  But I don't mind if you try.

Justus:  What do you say we just try being friends for now.

Foley.  Oh.  Okay.

The house had a makeover at the end of the round.  I used to much of their cash.  I always do.

But look...I actually remembered to take pictures.

It's not perfect but I think it will work.

So, it was once again a very skill oriented round.  Justus brought the athletic career reward and Anna earned the cooking reward.  I was trying to at least get the twins up on those two.

The twins were just to young to head to college.  I think they were 11 days til adult.  So they will go after the next round.  Foley has the want.  Irving hasn't rolled it yet.  As far as I know, I'm going to send everyone to college.  I might actually let some drop out or just make crappy grades.  I doubt I can keep up the perfect grades in uni for very long especially if I don't speed up the semesters.

So, Anna got pregnant from risky woohoo.  I have a strict move in policy for all men who are fathers to playables.  I wasn't going to marry them but Justus rolled up the want and Anna rolled way the fear.  I considered that destiny.

So the house is pretty full but the twins won't move back after college I don't think.  Gordon come over with his college love.  I didn't move her in because it seemed to soon.  We'll see how things look next round.

And that's it for this weekend.

More soon I hope.


  1. I did the same thing with my Fowler household, waited a while for the intended to move in when the twins went to college. I think it is better for them roll the wants to write the term paper/or influence somebody else to do it or it gets to samey and the rise in the career to quickly.

  2. Great round, nice to see Justus move in.
    I like the house, looks good. :)

  3. That house looks nice, I like it. The round seemed pretty eventful with Justus moving in and stuff. Very fun. I haven't fully decided what to do with my college kids either, I've got one more house to decide before I get there.