Sunday, January 3, 2016

2.0 University

Our playable dormies are:

Gordon Blaze - G1 - Fortune / Knowledge - Business Tycoon
Fiona Imagi - G1 - Popularity / Grilled Cheese - Media Magnet
Baron Imagi - G1 - Fortune / Pleasure - Hall of Famer

Fiona:  You're kind of hot.

Gordon:  What?

Fiona:  You call that dancing?

College.  It's all about the hormones. 

After their freshman year was complete, the three move out and establish our Greek House.

It didn't take long to get the house up to the top.

Things begin to hum long.

Baron finds love with Suzy Homemaker.  Sad to say I can't remember her real name and didn't write it down.

Greek living.

A close up of our Mad Cow (in the shower).   Nice.

Fiona needed something to do.

Crazy handshakes.

Baron:  I wish we had a tub.  A nice soak would be nice right about now.

Suze Homemaker:  I can and will kill you if you leave me.

Yellow Skin:  No worries.  I can take her.

Gordon falls in love.

And for the record, I wasn't trying to get anyone to fall in love.  They're in college.  They should be learning not falling in love with a half dozen women who will spend all their time knocking over the trash cans.

Gordon:  A steady diet of pizza doesn't seem to be the most healthy choice. 

Yeah, I started having to stash it in backpacks in self defense.

Fiona threw a toga party and yes, that is her toga apparently.

Fiona falls in love with Roberto.

We don't have a bedroom so Fiona sleeps on the floor.

Two gold badges down so we start on something else.  Gordon is hiding his identity for some unknown reason.  I love my graphics card.

We added a room to the back of the house for all the computer desks that keep showing up.  I don't like it.  Eventually I may need to rearrange the entire house...or add a second floor.

Novel number three.  Fiona has maxed her literary hobby.

Another secret society member.

Fiona:  I love him too.  I just can't help it.

Roberto Day - G1 - Knowledge / Pleasure - Education Minister
It's the student's final semester.  By my calculations I won't have any teens heading to university in round two.  So Roberto Day was moved in to be the placeholder.  Roberto and Fiona are in love but they have NO attraction at all.  Roberto will eventually work his way through college and move into the neighborhood as a playable.  Yes, I just want those genes.  I just don't want them for Fiona.  But then again...

Gordon:  BUGS!!!

Yes, someone has finally knocked over the trash can.  I haven't seen anyone caught cheating but maybe they were.

Graduation Time:

Gordon and his pizza belly move out first.

Fiona:  I leave my Greek House in your hands.  Don't disappoint me.

Roberto:  Never my love.

And that is our first year through university.  A lot of it was played on high speed since I didn't use any hacked objects to shorten the semester length.  

Each graduate took with them a 6k statue.  I might should have kept the cash for a house makeover but oh well.

So glad to have that done.  University can be a pain.  

The graduates are going to hang out in the sim bin (with cell phones) for the remainder of round two.


  1. It just taken all of today to get four people through uni, and i don't have anybody for round two uni either which i am glad about it such a pain without the college hack.

    1. Yes, it's a lot easier to speed up time.

  2. I enjoyed your blog. Love your snarky writing style. Your sims are very nice looking - are you using default faces? If so, can you tell me which one? :)

    1. I have two sets of default faces that I switch out from time to time.

      The pretty set is called Pooklet legacy face templetes that I got of Mod the sims long ago. I looked but didn't see them on there now.

      The other set is an elven set. They say DR57-faceArches. I think I got them from the same place but I didn't see them up either.

  3. Thanks so much! I did a search and found those on GOS. Whee!!! Downloading :)

  4. It was an action packed Uni, really enjoyed it. :)

  5. Lots going on in uni. Nice to see the sims doing so well.