Saturday, February 6, 2016

3.0 University

Merry Imagi - Generation 1 - CAS daughter of Caise Imagi - Knowledge / Family - Chief of Staff
We begin the journey of Merry Imagi as she travels through her university years.

Merry spent her first year living in the dorms.  Her first 'adult' decision was to turn herself into...

an evil witch.  (Merry has but one nice point.  She couldn't very well be a nice witch.)

Evil Warlock Mentor:  Actions like that will force me to pull your witchery union card.

Merry:  <hastily puts away the bug-B-dead>

Merry took a bit of time away from her studies to settle into her new darker lifestyle.

The rest of her freshman year was all about friend making (she maxed her skills as a teen.) She was soon Big Gal on Campus.  She also was preapproved to move into the Greek House at the start of her sophomore year.

Happy Memories

She also managed to join a secret society that isn't all about witchcraft.

Merry got her first kiss from a dorm mate who is also a SS member.  She had the biggest crush on him....for all of 3 seconds.

Roberto Day - Gen 1 -Former Uni Townie - Knowledge / Pleasure - Education Minister
After her freshman year, Merry moved into the Greek House.  The only other member living at the house is Roberto Day (who is a love interest of Fiona Imagi).

Merry is actually happy for a moment while looking back on her achievements.  But maxing her skills isn't enough for Merry.  She soon starts learning how to craft.

Since she never bothers to sleep, Merry soon gets very good at crafting a variety of things.  (much crafting took place on speed 3...boredom ensued)

Roberto (who I actually think of as Robert) became infatuated with young Merry.  It wasn't long before he was doing anything she wanted.  Sometimes he would just stare at her from across the room, dreaming that she would someday be his.  Yes, Robert is in love with Merry.  Unfortunately for him, his feelings are not all.  She doesn't even have a crush on him.  She is however stringing him along.  It's nice having a minion to order around.  

The Greek House gets a makeover.  A second floor is added to store the musical equipment...aka get this stuff out of Merry's way.  She's crafting you fools.

Soon, Merry needed a way to sell all the craftables that she'd been making.  She purchased a business (aka Tammy was bored again).

Robert of course agreed to help with her business.  He'd do anything for her.

After days of successful business, a fire starts.  Robert is soon trying to put it out.  He can't understand why it won't go out.

He soon realizes that although the fire appears outside, the true damage is happening inside.

Urial:  Oh no.  Merry.  My beautiful niece.  You deserved so much more.

Roberto:  Please!  Please don't take Merry.  Take me instead.



Roberto:  Are you serious?


Roberto:  Never.

Merry:  It's the dark one.


Townie:  How lucky you are.  You met Grim and lived to tell the tale.

Merry:  Yes.  Very lucky.  So, you want to buy an evil floor lamp to remind you of this day?

Evil Mentor:  It's not every day someone so young gets to meet The Dark One.  You have earned your formal cloak.  So you'll be ready for your final meeting with him.

Merry:  He prefers DEATH or GRIM....or so he said.

Merry:  NOOOOOOO!  I'm not ready for DEATH!  My formal cloak is out being pressed.

After much tedious work, it occurs to Merry that her minion would be more productive if he never sleeps.

Roberto:  This just feels....wrong.

(Young Robert has five nice.)

The two friends soon have a routine well in hand.  Much to Merry's dismay, Roberto has evolved into a Neutral Witch (or nature witch as I like to think of it).

With the business at level 8, and several near misses with fire, the two head back to university to resume their studies.

Merry:  STOP RIGHT THERE!  I am far to moody to study right now.

After finishing another semester and crafting more goodies, the two head back downtown to work on the business.  It wasn't long before the business was level 10.

What the freaking holy heck happened here?

Contessa:  I felt peckish.

(And the cap is off the vampire bottle in this hood.)

Merry:  It's a remarkable little potion really.  I know you don't want to stop being a vampire, BUT shouldn't you have a backup just in case.  One never knows.

Tori:  True.  Always be prepared.

Merry:  Oh, that's your actual skin tone.  I can't cure that.  Sorry.

The badges are really adding up.

The minion was complaining about his percentage of the profits, (Merry:  Why does he deserve a percentage?), so Merry reluctantly agreed to let him buy his own community lot with the funds THEY had earned.  Roberto bought the towns first lake.  Lots of good things to do.... work on a gold fishing badge.

Merry:  I just don't understand it.  I've never wanted to marry and have babies but just looking at you makes me want to drag you in front of a minister....and I think I might combust if that happens.

(Both Roberto and Merry have  now stumbled across 3 bolt attractions.)

Merry:  Mischief is afoot.

Contessa:  Your vintage was sub-par.   I won't be tapping that again.

Awwww....I don't want a neighborhood of vampires.

Contessa:  But I'm still peckish.

Contessa:  Your food here is just not satisfying.

Merry:  Look elsewhere maybe?

Merry:  That wasn't an invitation.

Contessa:  Wasn't it?

Robert called an end of the bitefest and the two headed back to university.  Merry did research to avoid heading to class in the bright sunlight.



Merry graduates.  She stays around long enough to get fit before heading to the neighborhood sim bin.


Robert graduates soon after.  He will be sticking around until the Blaze boys are ready to move in.


Not you typical university round.  Sorry if long.  The vampire thing, so wasn't expecting that.  Not sure what happened but since you can't put the cat back in the bag I'll just have to deal with it.  Merry is still a vampire.  She will probably stay that way at least for a while.  The rest of them will probably be cured.  I refuse to deal with an entire neighborhood of playable vampires.  There is no progress in that.  My only concern with Merry is that although vampirism fits her, she is soon going to run out of things to do.  I guess she could be uncontrollable and she <might> survive it.  Maybe.

I had originally thought I'd just leave Merry and Roberto together since he loves her and they do have two bolts but since they've each found a better option I've axed that.  Robert will move back and start a new house.  Although I wanted to keep the size of the neighborhood down, I can't see Merry moving back with her father.  She will likely start her own house.

So that's all I have for now.  Three game sessions and many twist and turns for this one.

Until next time, happy simming everyone.


  1. certainly a different way to play college, run a business or two. I deal with three of my sims with the business ltw i am def not doing at college too. Lovely to see the witches too.

  2. Wow, what a cool, interesting uni round. Definitely not the same old same old. :) I like Merry as the evil witch vampire. I still have never gotten a vampire. Werewolf, witch, alien sure, but for some reason vampires don't like my sims. :) I guess I shouldn't say too much of that or I'm liable to end up overrun by them. :) Great round.